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Merchant Discounts
As a homeowner in Wailea you have discounts available at many merchants in Wailea and Kihei through the Wailea Community Association (WCA).  If you don't have your WCA Member card, contact the WCA office to get one.  These discounts can change over time so check with the WCA website or the merchants to keep up to date.
Maui News
Maui News is a great place to get all your late breaking news on what is happening on Maui.
Homeowners in Wailea Kai have the opportunity to be members at the Wailea Golf Club as either Regular or Associate members and eligible for membership in the Wailea Property Owners Golf Club (WPOGC).  Becoming a member at Wailea Golf Club provides reduced rates and advanced tee time priority.  In addition there is a men's and women's golf group homeowners can participate in.
The Wailea Wahines is the women's golf group. The Wailea Wahines are women of all handicaps who share golf, friendship and aloha on the Island of Maui.  During the months of November through April, the Wahines enjoy two game days per week with an additional 'fun' day on Fridays.  We are fortunate to enjoy playing all three Wailea Golf Club courses, Blue, Gold and Emerald.  For more information you can go to the Wailea Wahine website at:  It's a wonderful way to meet new friends and play golf at the same time.
The men's group plays 3 days a week (T/TH/S) early in the morning on one of the three courses also.  Contact the Wailea Pro shop for more information.
Shopping in Wailea
County of Maui - The official site of the County offers information from property taxes to bus schedules.
State of Hawaii - This site offers information about legislative action, State statutes, and more.