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Pets On Leash Please
Posted on Aug 6th, 2021

Managing Your Pets in Wailea Kai - Pets must be kept on leashes and under the control of a capable person at all times in the common areas.  The owner(s) or occupant(s) must also clean up after their pets and dispose of waste properly.
In the last few months, we've had a number of issues with pets being off leash in the neighborhood.  This includes pets being off leash in common areas, pets escaping from yards, or owners being unable to control their pet while on leash.  Keeping your pet under your control and on a leash while in the common areas ensures everyone can feel comfortable that they (or their pet) will not be harassed unexpectedly while they are enjoying the community.  It also reduces the likelihood that your pet will "do their business" in a common area without you noticing.  
Please be considerate of everyone living in our community and clean up after your pet, ensure they are leashed and under your control in the common areas.  And yes, oddly, this includes cats.